Landscape Architecture

When approaching a landscape architecture project it is very helpful to have an aerial view of the project.  The unique perspective Skytop offers will give you the necessary tools to make decisions about what changes to make and how to best allocate and prioritize your resources on architectural landscaping projects.  Our Computer Generated Integration can give you the perspective necessary to bring the changes you envision to life giving you the tools necessary to close deals with potential customers and create aesthetically pleasing landscapes. 

Land Development and Research

When evaluating a piece of property for development it can often be difficult to get a good feel for the lay of the land.  With our Skytop video and photographic imaging we can provide you with the tools to truly see what you are looking at.  An aerial view can give the perspective necessary to bring your vision to life.

Hostile or Challenging Environments such as over water or inaccessible terrain

Our aerial cameras are able to acquire pictures and videos from hostile and often inaccessible terrain such as over water or mountainous or wooded areas.

Environmental Monitoring

Skytop can give you aerial imaging for environmental impact studies.  We can document environmental changes over time to track and assess either damage that is occurring or to track improving conditions.  We have the ability to put together time lapsed video imaging to help you put together dramatic presentations. 

Aerial Archaeological Surveys 

With out UAV’s we can give that unique perspective to archeological surveys.  Our imaging can allow you to put the entire picture together from above and get a different perspective that can allow you to better evaluate what you are dealing with.